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Cooling your house down for summer

Cooling effectively

Many Australians look to springtime with dread, picturing the sweltering heat that’s just around the corner. And although many people are already cooling their home with air conditioning, some are still on the fence. So let’s look at some of the most common air conditioning myths:

Air conditioning is expensive

This one is the biggest myth we hear. The truth is, if you leave your air conditioner running at its lowest temperature all through summer, you may be hit with a higher bill. But if you take some small steps, like using the timer feature to have the air conditioner come on at certain times of the day, your bill will come down significantly. Likewise, if you turn the temperature up a few degrees, this will lessen the bill.

You need the biggest unit

This one is definitely false. Many people worry they will have to buy a huge air conditioner that intrudes into their home and costs a fortune. Your best bet is to have one of our team give you a quote based on your home’s measurements and layout. You might be surprised to learn that the air conditioner for you is quite unobtrusive.

Air conditioners are loud

It may be true that once upon a time air conditioners did make a bit of noise. But with modern technologies, air conditioners are now extremely quiet – often quieter than a ceiling fan.

If you’ve got more questions about air conditioning in your home, get in touch with the team at Beyond Heating and Cooling.

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