Evaporative Cooling Epping

Evaporative cooling in Epping

Beyond Heating and Cooling provides evaporative cooling in Epping. If you are looking for a cost effective alternative to traditional AC, contact us today!

Evaporative cooling in Epping provides a cost effective system to cool down your home.

Installing modern air conditioning systems can be a costly affair. Evaporative cooling is a far more cost effective option. The initial purchase price of evaporative cooling tends to be much less. The running costs are also significantly lower. This will enable you to save on your monthly bills. And nobody can complain about that!
Evaporative cooling in Epping is kinder to the environment.

When compared to refrigerated air conditioning systems, there is no doubt that evaporative cooling in the ‘greener’ option. Evaporative cooling produces up to 80% less greenhouse gases. It also does not deplete the ozone layer in any way. This is definitely far more ozone friendly than the air conditioning systems that release CFCs and HFCs.
Evaporative cooling in Epping can be compatible with alternate energy sources.

We have already established that evaporative cooling in Epping is kinder to the environment. In fact, evaporative cooling systems use up to 80% less energy that refrigerated air conditioners. In addition, it is possible for evaporative cooling systems to be run on alternate energy sources, such as solar power. This increases the environmentally friendly aspects of these climate control systems.

Sensitive to allergens? Evaporative cooling might help.

Refrigerated air conditioning systems tend to dry out the air. This can be unpleasant, especially in areas with drier climates. Evaporative cooling results in a higher level of humidity. This is far less irritating for those of you who are sensitive to allergens. In addition, the wet pads used in evaporative cooling actually filer the air. If you are interested in evaporative cooling in Epping, please contact us today!

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