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Families no longer have to live with a ‘silent killer’

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colourless, odourless, tasteless and highly poisonous gas which is produced when gas doesn’t burn correctly ~ most often as a result of faulty or malfunctioning home gas heating appliances.

The human body can’t detect the presence of this silent killer. But happily, Beyond Heating & Cooling has now invested in an advanced testing device that can.

As part of a free new safety service to customers, we’re equipped to professionally assess whether or not your family is being exposed to dangerous (and potentially deadly) levels of carbon monoxide. So if there is any trace of a problem it can be quickly addressed.

Whilst installing new systems we now carefully check for the presence of carbon monoxide

Whenever the Beyond team is called in to install a new heating or conditioning system, we’ll have with us people fully qualified to perform a Carbon Monoxide Test to check that all existing gas appliances are operating safely ~ and not resulting in CO emissions that put people’s health (and very lives) at risk.

It’s not something we charge a fee for. The reward for us is all about preventing a potential tragedy ~ and just another way we go ‘above & beyond’ in caring for our valued clients.

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