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Why Summer Is The Perfect Time To Get Your Ducted Heating Serviced

You may think of summer and how to keep your home nice and cool. However, summer is also the perfect time to get your ducted heating serviced and maintained. It’s not that you’ll be using your system during the warm days and months. It’s that it’ll be ready to go and will work properly when the cooler months roll around.

Take advantage of the off-season benefits, so you’re ready to go when the seasons change. You’ll experience shorter wait times, off-season discounts, and better indoor air quality. You may be wondering how to service ducted heating and your options for doing so.

How Checking Your Ducted Heating System Seals and Ducts Will Improve Your Health

Sealing and insulating the ducts will help in common comfort problems, such as rooms that are too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, for example.

Indoor air quality, fumes from household and garden chemicals, insulation particles, dust, different things like that get in the duct system.
insulation fibers is huge in the basement and the crawl space where you got these exposed ducts.
And if you got a dirty-nasty crawl space, you’re sucking in the mould and mildew and whatever is down there, these can aggravate asthma and allergy problems, so sealing those ducts can help improve indoor air quality and reduce the risk of pollutants that enter the ducts and then circulate throughout your home.

Safety of your gas heating system can also be done while you are checking or servicing it.
If you’ve got a gas water heater or a gas furnace, a leaky duct can produce what’s called a back-draft, where these gasses are drawn back into the living space rather than expels to the outdoors like they’re supposed to be, so sealing these leaks can minimize that risk as well.

How to Clean A Ducted Heating System

Cleaning your ducted heating system is essential for making sure it’s working correctly and does so for the long-term. You rely on it to get you through the cold winter months so it makes sense that you’d want to give it some attention in the summertime to ensure all is in proper working order. The health of the system should be a top priority. Without it, the winter season would be quite miserable and uncomfortable. Give it a good cleaning before the winter and it turns colder and you need to use it all the time. It may be that you don’t tend to think about it until you need it, but this can cause problems for you. Giving it regular cleaning and maintenance will ensure its effectiveness and efficiency.

DIY Ducted Heating Cleaning

Cleaning your ducted heating should be a relatively routine and easy task to complete. However, if you’re not comfortable with the job, then you can always call a heating and cooling professional to recommend the right company to clean or service your system.  As the parent of the household, it’s wise to ensure that you do a regular check on the ducts to confirm the kids haven’t put toys or crayons in it that may create a jam or clog. You’ll likely end up creating more issues and having to spend more money if you have a clogged duct and create an unhealthy environment for your system to run. Below are steps you can follow to clean your ducted heating in the summer.

  • Fit your system with a good-quality air filter and change it twice yearly.
  • Remove the vent grates and wash them in warm soapy water and allow them to dry thoroughly.
  • Remove anything large from the bottom of the vent then gently vacuum away any remaining dust and debris.
  • If the vent is dirty (if anything spilled) clean it with a damp cloth, and dry the area thoroughly.
  • You can use filters in vent grates to trap dirt and dust. Wash and dry them regularly.

Getting in Touch with the Professionals

You don’t have to do all the work yourself, and it’s possible you’re not comfortable doing so or don’t have the time. Therefore, consider getting in touch with professionals and experts who have the skills to perform these tasks efficiently and affordably. You’re better off calling someone who’s trained and has a good track record of servicing homes if you’re unsure about how to complete the project.

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