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Evaporative Cooling Systems & Installs Melbourne

Do you want to cool your home or business in an effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly way? Evaporative cooling systems could be just what you need for your home. Evaporative coolers also offer some incredible benefits over other air-conditioning systems.

How Does Evaporative Cooling Work?

An evaporative cooler works by using the natural process of water evaporation. A fan draws warm air from outside across special cooling and filtering pads. The cooling and filtering unit is usually installed on the roof.
The resulting clean, humidified, cool air is then circulated through the ducts in the home.

Is Evaporative Cooling the Best Air-Conditioning?

Evaporating cooling systems are popular for two reasons, they are:

Economical to Run

Evaporative cooling is up to 90% cheaper to run. The running costs of evaporative cooling systems are much lower than for a refrigerated air-conditioning system. It is, on average, much cheaper to cool the same area using evaporative coolers than split system air conditioning or VRF units.

Environmentally Friendly

An evaporative cooling unit filters and cools air naturally before circulating ducts and vents installed in your home. The cooling cycle uses water evaporation, a natural process, so the air is cool, clean, without any contaminants or irritating allergens.
The process is environmentally friendly, as it produces no toxic gases or other pollutants. As a result, you benefit from cool, fresh, purified air circulating in your home.

Benefits at a Glance

Evaporative air cooling systems offer many benefits to homeowners. If your home is suitable, then you can look forward to enjoying the following:

  • High performance, reliability and efficiency
  • Cheaper installation than HVAC systems with similar capacity
  • Less expensive running costs
  • A healthy cooling solution for your home.
  • Constant cool, fresh air (no re-circulation of old air)
  • Works on natural process of water evaporation
  • Air is humidified, so does not irritate skin, eyes, or throat
  • Does not require doors and windows to be kept closed
  • Lower electricity consumption than other forms of air conditioning
  • Environmentally friendly cooling
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Is an Evaporative Cooling System Right for my Home?

If you or family members living with you suffer from allergens, then an evaporative cooling system is a good choice. Are you environmentally conscious? Then, this type of system has a very low impact on the environment, as it is based on a natural process.

Do you live in an area that is normally humid or has prolonged rainy periods? An evaporative cooling system may not be the best choice for your home. There are more versatile temperature control and cooling.

Water Dependent

Evaporative coolers need a reliable water source to function correctly. This is not a problem for most homes, but water consumption is a factor to take into account before installing this type of system.

Evaporative Cooling – Things to Consider

An evaporative cooling system depends on air from outside. So local weather conditions, especially rainy days, can affect the performance of the cooling system.

Evaporative cooling systems do not work well in humid areas. They provide the best cooling results in dry heat, so they are ideal for Melbourne in the summer.

Routine Cleaning

To keep an evaporative cooling system running optimally, it needs regular cleaning. Components such as the wet pads, filters, nozzles and fan blades must be kept clean to avoid the build-up of mould or bacteria. It is also essential to remove the deposits of minerals and salt that form as a result of the evaporation process.

Although all air conditioners need regular cleaning, servicing and maintenance, evaporative cooling systems need a little more care than others. We recommend that you schedule regular cleaning, servicing and maintenance every 18-24 months.


Does Your Home Need the Right
Heating and Cooling Options?

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Our Commitment to Excellence

Australia’s most trusted evaporative cooling products come from brands such as Bonaire, Brivis, and Braemar. We install these innovative, industry-leading brands to provide ideal cooling solutions for homes in Melbourne and Victoria.

At Beyond Heating & Cooling, we only install the best evaporative cooling system solutions for your home or business. These industry-leading brands use the latest advanced cooling technology in their range of units, creating innovative, efficient, and economical cooling systems.

We make sure that your evaporative cooling system can withstand even the toughest Australian climate conditions.

Yes, using evaporative cooling is a very cost-effective way of cooling your home or business. You do not need to run a condenser and a fan, as in a reverse cycle air conditioning system. There is only a fan, so it would cost you about a dollar per hour less to run evaporative cooling.

Evaporative coolers need water and electricity to run. The exact daily water consumption will depend on two factors: the level of humidity in the air and the speed of the fan.

Typically, a central evaporative cooling system might need around 25 litres of water per hour for ideal cooling result

Not sure if an Evaporative Air Conditioning is right for your home? We have other air conditioning solutions and we are more than happy to give to unbiased advice on what will work best for you!

No, it cannot. The ducts for evaporative cooling are much larger because a greater air volume is required, so, unfortunately, this is not possible.

Evaporative cooling works best when it is hot and dry, and the humidity is below 60%.