Add-on Cooling To Your Ducted Heating

Would you like your existing gas ducted heating system to cool your home as well? Add-on cooling systems are designed to work with existing gas ducted heating systems.

It’s an integrated heating/cooling solution for your home in Melbourne.

  • In heating mode, you can circulate warm air.
  • In cooling mode, cool air circulates using the same duct system.
  • You benefit from perfect climate control – no matter the weather outside.

We can install an add-on refrigerated air-conditioning system that uses your existing ducts, vents, and other components.

Why choose an add-on cooling system?

There are some clear benefits to add-on cooling systems:

Take advantage of existing ducting/vents

  • The design of modern add-on cooling systems allows them to connect to existing gas ducted heating systems.
  • Lower installation costs.
  • There may be minimal ducting or other work needed to be fully compatible with an existing system.

Year-round comfort

  • Enjoy perfect climate control at home any time of year.
  • A retro-fit add-on reverse cycle air conditioning system gives you an integrated heating/cooling solution.
  • You can maintain a comfortable temperature in all zones, in all seasons.

Easy to use

  • Our add-on cooling systems integrate with your existing heating system easily.
  • It effectively becomes one heating and cooling system.
  • You can control both heating/cooling at the touch of a button.
  • Convenient 24-hour programmable timer.
  • Zoning allows for efficient operation and maximum comfort.

How does add-on refrigerated air-conditioning work?

Our add-on cooling systems are designed to integrate into a new gas ducted heating system. For example, in a new build home. Or an already installed heating

The cooling system circulates cool, filtered, dehumidified air wherever you need it in your home. And the same ducts are used for both heating and cooling, saving money.

How it works

Without getting too technical…

1. The add-on cooling system draws warm air out of the room via extraction vents.
2. A refrigerated coil cools the warm air.
3. The cooled air is filtered before circulating back into the room via ducts/vents.

Our add-on cooling systems are designed to withstand the extreme heat and cold of the Australian climate. We design the installation of your add-on cooling system for maximum convenience based on your home layout. After inspecting your home, we will decide the optimal position for the compressor (outside unit) and configuration of ducting.

To maintain your heating/cooling system operating optimally, we also provide scheduled servicing and maintenance plans. The optimal operation helps keep running costs down.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions other clients asked before they decided to install an add-on cooling system.

Can I install an add-on air-conditioning system to my existing gas ducted heating system?

It’s not always essential to install both systems at the same time. If you’re building a new home, you can allow for installing an add-on cooling system at a later date.

If you already have a ducted heating system and want to incorporate a cooling system, call us. We will survey your home to determine if installing an add-on refrigerated air-conditioning system is feasible.

With our many years in the industry, we can tell you whether it will be practical and cost-effective to install add-on cooling. It depends on how your existing heating system is designed.

Are all add-on cooling system compatible with my gas ducted heating system?

In most cases, add-on cooling systems are designed to work with specific brands, types or categories of gas ducted heating systems. Some add-on cooling products work with various types of heating systems. But an add-on air-conditioning system can also be brand specific.

Beyond Heating & Cooling use industry-leading brands such as Mitsubishi, Samsung, Bonaire, Daikin, and many others. Before you make a decision, we can determine what the best add-on cooling option will be for your existing system and home.

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Yes, you can use an auxiliary cooling system as an add-on component to your gas duct heating system, allowing you to run a cooling air conditioner through the same ducts and outlets in your existing system.

Add-on Coolers use your existing heating ducts to distribute cool, fresh air throughout your home or just in select areas. This installation method means you can save a lot of money and still enjoy the optimal comfort that duct cooling provides.