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Installing Ducted Heating And The Options

How do you install ducted heating? Installing a gas ducted heating system or a reverse cycle ducted heating system requires a qualified and licensed trades-person Funnily enough, the same tradie can install both types of ducted heating. Beyond Heating and Cooling can install ducted gas heating and refrigerated heating and cooling. Both systems rely upon…

gas ducted heating
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Installing A Gas Ducted Heating System

What Is A Gas Ducted Heating System? We use leading brands like Brivis /Rinnai. We use the leading brands as they are ideally suited to Melbourne’s winters and ready supply of natural gas that most of Melbourne has access to.And of course we can source the components and servicing a well known brand is always…

Do I Need A Dehumidifier And Air Conditioner?
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Do I Need A Dehumidifier And Air Conditioner?

A Dehumidifier or Air Conditioner? What are my options? Now that the long summer days are getting warmer, it’s time to make sure your air conditioners are working properly so you can stay cool and comfortable this year.  Whether you have central ducted air conditioning or rely on a portable or window air conditioner, this…

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HVAC and Ventilation

HVAC And Better Ventilation and Air Ever wondered what HVAC stands for? It stands for Heating, Ventilation Air Conditioning In Melbourne we all have heating and cooling and many homes also have air conditioning but do we ever pay attention to the ventilation that is needed to keep a home and it’s occupants healthy with…



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