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Industry-Leading Gas Ducted Heating Solutions

Beyond Heating & Cooling has been installing gas ducted heating in Melbourne for many years, because of its cost effectiveness, coverage and efficiency.
At Beyond Heating & Cooling, we offer a range of 4-star to 6-star energy-efficient gas heating systems. Whatever your heating and cooling needs – we have the solution!


  • Provides whole house comfort with just a single click of a button
  • Highly efficient and cost effective, using natural gas instead of electricity
  • Switch air on and off to individual rooms with the option of zoning ~ saving you even more money on running costs
  • 24hr programmable timer (depending on controller)
  • Minimal aesthetic disruption

Features of Ducted Gas Heating

  • Heating performance is constant
  • Less expensive to heat an entire home
  • Fingertip, smart controller for timer settings and zoning

The Ducted Gas Heating Cycle is Simple:

Central Heating unit – It produces hot air, and a fan circulates the hot air via the ducts. Each room is equipped with air vents or outlets in the ceiling or floor. And the warm/hot air enters the space via these.
The central heating unit can be mounted in the roof space, externally, or under the floor.

Duct System – This connects the heating unit to the vents/outlets. These are usually hidden in the ceiling
space or can be underfloor mounted.

Air vents/outlets – These are recessed into the ceiling or floor depending on the design and layout of your home. They are discreet and unobtrusive.

This system acts as a heating unit which is run by ignition of natural gas burners. The heating unit and the burners proceed to get extremely hot.
It continues as the fan passes ambient air past the hot burners and down a series of ducts into your home or office. The outlets are strategically positioned by our team, ensuring it covers your desired areas.
The system will be installed in your home or office and will align with the national safety standards.

We also offer the option to install an add on cooling system.
It is a refrigerated system and works in conjunction with heating. Warm air is blown into the vents, the condensing unit contains refrigerant in the coils and allows cool air to be blown from the same ducts.

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The Benefit of Zoning

Modern ducted gas heating systems offer incredible flexibility of operation. You can divide your home into different ‘zones’. This means you can control the temperature in each area independently, to maintain the perfect temperature for everyone in the house.
The zoning feature is practical and economical. Zoning correctly to optimise temperature control can save around $200 annually on gas bills in a typical Australian home.

Smart Temperature Control At Your Fingertips

We install ducted gas heating systems using the latest innovative heating technology from leading brands.
With remote climate control, you can create the perfect climate in your home using a smart easy-to-use, touchscreen controller.

Natural and Powerful Heat

We offer a range of ducted gas heaters with different heating capacities (15kW – 35kW). These heating units can be configured for indoor or outdoor installation. They are also flexible enough to heat a single room or even the largest family home.

Cosy inside when it’s cold out!

When the weather is cold outside, you need to know that your heating system will keep you and your family comfortable. Our market-leading brands can cope with even the coldest Australian weather.
We can design a ducted gas heating system that will maintain heat output and quickly warm up your home when needed.
Unlike reverse cycle air conditioning systems, our ducted gas heating does not lose efficiency or effectiveness as outside temperatures plummet.
You will always be cosy and warm at home!

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Yes, ducted gas heating is very economical. Even though ducted gas heating can heat the entire home, with the zoning feature you can select which rooms it heats, and when. With a 6-star energy rated ducted gas heating unit, we estimate that you can reduce your gas bill by around 30%.

Yes, they are the same. Ducted gas heating is referred to by many names including central heating, ducted heating, and gas central heating.

Normally, only if the existing heating system was designed to have an add-on cooling solution installed at a later date. Any existing heating system must be inspected to determine if it is suitable for an add-on cooling solution. If it’s not suitable, running costs will be higher than they should be. Some modifications might be needed for optimal operation. For example, ducted gas heating with add-on cooling needs larger and insulated ducts to perform efficiently. Are you ready to benefit from ducted gas heating in your home?

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Yes. However, the ductwork may need to be upgraded to a higher capacity and larger diameter, and the heating system must be suitable for an additional cooling coil. 

You should try to schedule a maintenance visit with a licensed HVAC technician once a year. This will extend the life of your heating system and keep it running safely and efficiently during the cold season. A skilled heating technician will thoroughly clean and inspect all components of your heating system and make any necessary repairs or adjustments.

Cleaning your ducted gas heating system will ensure that your system is running optimally and will help save on overall heating costs.

You can zone your home by turning off the gas heating in some rooms where it is not required. But this is only possible with 4, 5 or 6-star heaters. An incredible amount of energy is wasted heating rooms with gaps in the walls or doors through which heat escapes, so keep everything as close as possible when the heat is on.