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Split System Air-Conditioning is a wise choice, depending on the number of rooms, either a single unit per room or a multiple-head for several rooms would take care of both cooling and heating requirements. Several rooms could enjoy the benefits of controlled temperature settings with a multi-head system.

Problems frequently arise when there are building extensions or alterations. The split system would have been originally planned with a nominated space in mind. It is vitally important to determine where the internal unit be installed and decide if the unit will bet be wall hung or completely hidden.

Reverse cycle ducted air-conditioning refers to a model that has both heating and cooling functions. A reverse-cycle model is able to cool or heat one or more adjoining rooms. This refers to refrigeration being able to change through a series of processes from hot to cold.

Beyond Heating and Cooling will provide you with professional advice regarding he best course of action. We would recommend the most appropriate unit and ensure the system is installed and working with minimal fuss.

How do Split Systems Work?

Split systems have two components to the system, one being the internal wall hung unit and the other the external unit. They are linked together with refrigeration lines and interconnecting electrical wiring.

When installed correctly both the internal unit and the external work in unison to provide reverse cycle (heating and cooling) refrigerated air to your home or office.

The refrigerant is pumped through the conjoining copper piping to either chill or heat up the indoor coil. Once this is achieved the internal unit passes air past this hot or cold coil and therefore creates the perfect climate inside your home or office.

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Reverse Cycle Single-Head Split Systems

  • All-In-One refrigerated, reverse cycle heating and cooling
  • Designed for individual rooms, saving on running costs
  • Remote controlled
  • 24hr programmable timer
  • Clean, filtered and de-humidified air
  • Proven to deliver every time, even during the hottest days

Reverse Cycle Multi-Head Split Systems

  • Refrigerated, reverse cycle heating and cooling
  • Features a wall-mounted ‘split’ in each individual room with only one outdoor unit ~ allowing each space to be set to its optimal temperature to effectively reduce energy wastage
  • 24hr programmable timer
  • One outdoor unit, saving space.
  • Clean, filtered and de-humidified air
  • Energy efficient running costs

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We promise no hidden costs and our work is 100% guaranteed and includes post installation support.

Does Your Home Need the Right
Heating and Cooling Options?

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The term “split” simply describes the ability to divide the system into two parts, an indoor fan coil and an outdoor condenser, and covers a wide range of systems, such as wall splits, split duct systems, ceiling cassettes and bulkhead systems. 

When we talk about multi-head systems, we mean the possibility of connecting several indoor units (up to 8) to one central outdoor unit (condenser). This means that operating costs can be reduced, and space is saved instead of installing multiple condensers. However, the system is usually more expensive than a single split system.

An inverter system is a technology that allows the output of a system to be adjusted up or down. It is up to 30% cheaper to operate than fixed speed models.