Easy Air Conditioning Installations

It’s been a long hot summer and it’s not over yet! If you still want to get air conditioning, you need a company who can do easy air conditioning installations. In Reservoir that company is Beyond Heating and Cooling.

Before booking your next air conditioning installation in Reservoir, take a look at the best option for your home or business.

What Air Conditioner Works for Me?

There is a range of air conditioning systems that home owners and business owners can choose from, and the type you choose is dependent on your budget, the layout of your home and what you need.


Ducted Air Conditioning

Great for large buildings where you have a number of offices or a large space to cover. This air conditioner works by pushing air through a series of ducts connected to a unit that is stored either in the roof space or under the floor.

Evaporative Cooling Systems

Great for low humidity areas like Reservoir, these units sit on top of the roof and help the fresh air from outside push through your home or business. The air pushes through cooling pads which takes away the water and the heat, leaving you with cool, fresh air.

Evaporative cooling systems

Evaporative cooling systems use evaporation to cool the air. A pump circulates water from the reservoir to a cooling pad, and a fan draws outside air through the humidifying pad.

Ducted Evaporative cooling is the most cost-effective way to cool your home. Cool outdoor air is drawn in through water-filled pads and distributed through ducts in the ceiling. 

What is evaporative cooling?

A box-shaped device with one or more porous surfaces through which air can flow is known as an evaporative cooler. A fan inside the unit extracts outside air into the house through the sides. To produce fresh air, each porous side is covered with a pad of water-absorbing material. The water is kept in a tray at the bottom of the cooler and is lifted to the top of each side by a little pump.

To cool your home effectively, each pad must remain moist, not soggy. Moisture evaporates the most and therefore cools the most. The amount of water supplied by the pump may need to be adjusted from time to time to moisten the pads adequately.

Where should the evaporative cooling system be installed?

Evaporative cooling systems are installed on the roof and are connected to a series of outlets throughout the house. The whole house receives cool air every few minutes, and if you leave the doors and windows open, you increase the cooling effect!

Why Evaporative Ducted Air Cooling?

Evaporative ducted air cooling is also the healthiest form of home cooling, especially for people who suffer from hay fever, asthma, or allergies. This uses fresh, filtered air instead of recycling the same stale air as a cooling system.

Compared to conventional air conditioning with refrigeration, evaporative cooling uses less electricity, has lower peak energy consumption, produces no CFCs or HFCs and produces far fewer greenhouse gases. So not only does evaporative cooling save on operating costs, but it also has many more benefits for the environment.

Airflow control

Air conditioning in a home with an evaporative cooler depends on proper air balancing. To limit humidity, make sure that the same amount of air leaves the house as it enters.

You can achieve balanced airflow by installing air ducts in each room or by opening windows when the cooler is running. A window should be opened wider so that the air pressure in a room is sufficient. 

Checking the unit size

To choose and install the appropriate size evaporative cooler for your home, You’ll need to figure out how much air the machine can pump in cubic feet per minute (CFM).

If you can’t find the CFM number on your evaporative cooler or in the appliance manual, the formula below will help you estimate it:

  • Multiplying the square footage of your home by the average ceiling height (in feet).
  • Divide by two (air changes per minute).

What are the most popular brands of evaporative coolers and air conditioners in Melbourne?

There is no definitive answer to the question “What is the best brand of evaporative air conditioners?”. It all depends on the evaporative air conditioning system that best suits your home. 

Some of the brands of air conditioners we use are:


Breezair evaporative systems don’t run up your electric bill every time you turn them on, and they cost much less than most ducted systems on the market.


Bonaire, 100% Australian owned and manufactured, has provided Australians with efficient evaporative cooling systems with the latest technologies available for over 50 years.

Improving the efficiency of evaporative coolers

Evaporative cooler thermostats are available at many hardware stores. They automatically turn off the cooler when the air reaches the desired temperature, making it much more efficient to operate.

Most evaporative coolers without a thermostat have separate switches for the fan and pump. If your unit does not have a thermostat, run the pump for a few minutes before turning on the fan. This will saturate the cooler pads.


Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

A popular option for homes and businesses. The reverse-cycle system extracts heat from outside and draws it inside. A cold refrigerant is passed through an external coil absorbing the heat helping the air warm up, pushing it into your home or office. The cycle is reversed for when you need cool air.

Split systems

Split systems are perfect for when you just want to cool one or two rooms and have a budget to stick to. You can choose from a single head per unit to a multi-head per unit depending on how many rooms you have to cool or heat.

If you need air conditioning installations in your home or office, contact Beyond Heating and Cooling. We can help you with any heating and cooling installations you need to stay warm during winter and cool during summer.

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