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Beyond Heating & Cooling are your local ducted air conditioning specialists in Melbourne. We’ve installed hundreds of ducted air conditioning systems over our years in business, and pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers industry-leading, honest advice on the best air conditioning system for their needs and budget.

Ducted air conditioning is a leading choice for homeowners wanting to achieve consistent temperatures and complete climate control in every room of their homes.

Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning For Melbourne Homeowners

The Visual Appeal

When it comes to your home’s aesthetic, ducted air conditioning has the benefit of not requiring a bulky system to be installed in sight. Subtle vents in the ceiling are all that’s required, unlike other forms of air conditioning such as a split system that requires a bulky unit to be installed on the wall making the wall unusable and taking away from the desired aesthetic of your home.

Functionality and Effectiveness

The consistency in temperature and coverage that can be achieved by ducted air conditioning makes it a winner of the vast majority of other air conditioning systems on the market. You don’t have to worry about positioning a single unit in an optimal location and hoping that the cold or warm air reaches other rooms, with ducted air conditioning you have complete control over every room. Beyond Heating & Cooling also install ducted air conditioning systems from leading brands that allow you to set up areas of your home into zones and set a different air temperature for that zone compared to the rest of the house.
This system will provide the easiest heating and cooling solutions for your home.

Cost-Effectiveness and Value

While ducted air conditioning used to be regarded as a luxury air conditioning option, it’s actually cheaper than ever to install ducted air conditioning in your home. Not to mention you’re getting the absolute most out of your electricity output, with modern ducted air conditioning being some of the most efficient air conditioning systems on the market.

Ducted air conditioning also increase the overall value of your property and is a key selling point for many potential buyers, especially in the hyper-competitive Melbourne property market.

Beyond Heating & Cooling have helped many homeowners throughout Melbourne with a ducted air conditioning system they can be confident in for years to come.
Your home is your family’s place of refuge, ensure you’re comfortable year-round with a high-quality ducted air conditioning system.
If you are not sure about this type of cooling system – We also install split systems and we can help you decide what will the best option for your home or workplace.

Lounge Room ducted air conditioning

Is ducted air conditioning better for a Melbourne home?

Melbourne has a reputation for having “four seasons in one day”. This saying highlights not only the extremes but also how quickly the weather can change. As our homes protect us from some of these extremes and sudden changes, it’s natural to wonder whether ducted air conditioning or split air conditioning is better. We swear if it were a black and white question, we’d give you a straightforward answer. However, it is a bit more complicated than that.

To help you understand it, first, you need to know what a ducted air conditioner is. 

A ducted air conditioner 

Ducted air conditioning systems provide unobtrusive cooling and heating to homes and buildings of almost any size, from a small two-bedroom apartment to a large multi-story complex. This type of air conditioning is trendy because it operates very quietly (you hardly notice it’s on), distributes air smoothly, and offers a complete air conditioning solution in a compact unit.

How does ducted air conditioning achieve this?

The quiet operation of ducted air conditioning units is achieved by having the system’s working parts outside the building or in the ceiling area, which keeps noise out of the room, except for a whisper.

Air is distributed smoothly throughout the house through a system of ducts in the ceiling with outlets or vents strategically placed throughout the house.

Zone control systems, located in the indoor unit, control where the air conditioner is used and allow you to turn off unneeded zones to avoid wasting energy. You can also vary the temperature in different house zones so that everyone is comfortably warm or cool.

How does a ducted air conditioner work?

A ducted air conditioner works using a refrigerant that passes through the air conditioner through a small pipe, drawing heat from the air from one zone to another.

For example, when it comes to cooling the house in summer, the system takes heat from the indoor air as the fan moves air through the indoor unit and over the cold refrigerant tube evaporator coil. This means that the air leaves the indoor unit cooler than it entered, and the room or home temperature gradually drops as it circulates through the unit. In winter, the opposite occurs: heat is drawn from the outside air to warm the house.

After the refrigerant has circulated through the indoor unit and warmed up by absorbing heat from inside, it is transferred to the outdoor unit for cooling. A fan blows air over the coil with the heated refrigerant in the outdoor unit and releases some heat to the outside air. The refrigerant is further cooled by a compressor that condenses the refrigerant and releases the remaining heat.

The cooled refrigerant is returned through the indoor unit. This action is repeated constantly as long as the air conditioner is in operation.

How to use an air conditioner with air ducts efficiently?

Set the air conditioner to 24°

The recommended temperature for the air conditioner is 24°C in the summer months and 20°C in the winter months

Running the air conditioner is first thing in the morning

An excellent way to reduce the heat and keep your air conditioner running smoothly is to first turn it on in the morning. Most people think they need to wait till midday to turn the unit on to save money because it won’t run as long.

Avoid using indoor appliances

Use the outdoor barbecue or grill on hot days.
Using the oven or hotplates in the kitchen on hot days will raise the temperature in your home and make the air conditioner work harder.

Draw the curtains

Keep curtains or blinds closed while the sun is shining on you. This prevents the room temperature from rising and the air conditioner from turning on to control and regulate the room temperature. keeping doors closed between the rooms that are in use will also save on power costs.

Have the air conditioner serviced annually

A qualified technician’s full service and cleaning are recommended at least every 12 months to ensure your system runs at optimum power. 

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