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The history of air conditioning

 All about air conditioning

These days, many of us take for granted that we can cool our homes down with the touch of a button using air conditioning. But we only need to look back a few decades to a time before air conditioning became commonplace.

Ancient times

The ancient Egyptians were the first to apply the basic concept of air conditioning. They would hang wet reeds in their windows, and as air blew in through the window, it would cool down as it evaporated. Other ancient civilisations such as Chinese and Persian cultures used inventive methods to keep cool during the hot season.

Industrial revolution

However, it wasn’t until the 19th century that something similar to what we now know as air conditioning was invented. Various advances in chemistry led to the discovery that evaporation could be used to quickly cool down an object.

In 1902, an American man named Willis Carrier invented the first modern air conditioning unit powered by electricity. He originally designed the unit to cool and dehumidify a printing plant. People quickly realised that this technology could be used in the workplace and the home to increase comfort and efficiency.

Modern day

Since that time, air conditioner units have come a long way. They have become much more efficient, quieter, smaller, and also less expensive. Additionally, there are now many more options to cool or heat your home than ever before.

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